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Troop 268 has been serving Colorado Springs since 1988.  In September 2013, we celebrated 25 years of Scouting. 

Press Release 09/09/2013

Former Scoutmaster of Troop 268, Ted Anderson has reason to celebrate.    The Troop is celebrating 25 years of camping, high-adventure trips, and supporting boys as they grow into leaders. 

“It’s marvelous that the troop still carries a great reputation,” said Anderson.  “It’s nice to see a troop hang on that long.  A lot don’t.”

“This is an exceptionally busy camping troop,” said Gary Eiden, current scoutmaster of Troop 268.

Indeed, the boys of Troop 268, in grades 6 to 12, enjoy camping and outdoor activities just about every month, he said.  The group attends a weeklong summer camp and a high-adventure trip every year.  The boys go snow-caving in February and have a video gaming “lock-in” weekend in December.

“You get a boy who has never been camping and he learns map skills, cooking and survival in the outdoors in Scouting,” said Mr. Eiden.  These young men learn survival skills, leadership skills and character development.

Several of the recent Eagle Scouts continue to participate with the troop.  “It really inspires them to grow in Scouting,” said Mr. Paul Jones, current Troop Committee Chairman.

Troop 268 began in 1988 when Ted Anderson and 5 adults and 5 boy scouts formed Troop 268, sponsored by St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.  Two years later, Robert Eckert became the troop’s first Eagle Scout.  Since then, the troop has seen 82 of its members earn this high honor, with the most recent being Michael Reilly, Stephen Deetman, Kuran Mital and Paul Cartwright.

Today the troop has over 52 boy scouts and 39 adult members.